Day 3: Memorial Day at Little Bighorn

Map of day three travel
Map of day three travel

Before hitting the road, I headed to the nearby zoo but didn’t go inside.  The weather was a little cool, and I was still getting over the flu.  So, I visited the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck.  They had just concluded a Memorial Day program, and there were WWII posters on display in the corridors.  The main displays featured animals from prehistorical eras and Native American artifacts.  There was also a small display of gemstones.

My next scheduled stop was Billings, Montana.  I heard, however, that the Little Bighorn Battlefield was not far from my planned route.    Since this was Memorial Day, it seemed like a most appropriate place to visit.  This visit was indescribable, seeing the many markers where soldiers had fallen and imagining how many Sioux must’ve died there, too.

Drove into Billings, Montana–also a first visit for me (this was the second of four states to which I expect to make first time visits).  There was a lovely sculpture along the side of the rode that I stopped and photographed.  Got into town and settled down for the night just before a strong hail storm hit.


Music for the Trip

The last of the J’s played, then we got the K’s: KC and the Sunshine Band, Kenny Rogers, Kool and the Gang,… Later, the L’s began with Lady Antebellum, LaVern Baker, Linda Ronstadt, Lionel Richie….